Let’s applaud every person and every leader who has pushed back at a system that rewards extreme jobs and chronic overwork! You are part of a growing group of people who truly understand that this is not a win-loose approach. Instead you’ve discovered a way to be strategically responsive in our new 24/7 world. And you’ve also discovered a more sustainable solution for you, your family and your organization!

Whole Life Leaders have taken this approach three steps further.

Q: Whole life leaders are modeling and supporting progressive conversations at work.
Whole life leaders rely on their teams to create their own work/life balance. To achieve this they intentionally develop interdependence with and among their team members and they also help team members develop 21st century skills and an integrated mind set. By doing this, not only do they increase the chances of meeting their own goals for integration, the team also increases their capacity to develop win-win solutions that foster a thriving workplace and multidimensional lives.
Q: Whole life leaders are creating more sustainable workplaces.
Our work with these unique and pioneering leaders has shown us that Whole Life Leaders are also passionate about making wider change in the world. Whether that’s creating a part time network in their organization, championing the work/life committee or participating in one of ThirdPath’s Pioneering Leaders groups – Whole Life Leaders are actively addressing the problems that can side track others from following in their footsteps.
Q: Whole life leaders are initiating progressive conversations at home.
Whole Life Leaders aren’t just changing the way we do work, they are also changing what happens at home. Whole Life Leaders create a partnership at home so they can step out of traditional gender roles as they address the changing needs of work and family. Sometimes this means one parent – the father or mother – temporarily steps out of work or reduces work to create a workable solution for the family. But this is seen as one part of an on-going story where both parents see themselves as partners in caring for their children and meeting the financial needs of their family.

Why is this last point so important?

Too often organizations are slow to change – employees who put work first continue to receive preferential treatment. Whole Life Leaders create a small put important leverage point to push back at this problem. Instead of reinforcing a culture of overwork, by freeing up one or both parents to put work first, Whole Life Leaders work as a team to prioritize the needs of family and set boundaries at work.

Are you a Whole Life Leader or would you like to become one? Check out the many resources we have for leaders or read on to learn more about our Whole Life Leader Community.

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