Join us as we celebrate over 14 years of supporting, inspiring and building community with pioneering men, women and leaders modeling new ways to integrate work and life.

Last year we put a spotlight on Brigid Schulte’s book: Overwhelmed, Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time. See below for a short description of the calls.

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OCTOBER – WORK ~ 10/10/13

Michelle Hickox the CFO of Independent Bank, Brett Goldblatt a Partner at Milbank’s Los Angeles office, and Brigid Schulte award winning Washington Post reporter and author of Overwhelmed, Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, joined this call to share their insights on why work can be a major contributor to our feelings of overwhelm and the lessons they’ve learned to change this.

NOVEMBER – LOVE ~ ~ 11/14/13

Dr. B. Hibbs explains that the key to solving most relationship problems – whether relating to money, children or chores – is through a shared sense of fairness. Brigid Schulte, Washington Post reporter and author, also describes how strong cultural norms — the work-devoted ideal worker, the self-sacrificing ideal mother, and the distant provider father — contribute to our feelings of overwhelm.

DECEMBER – PLAY ~ ~ ~ 12/12/13

Ben Hunnicutt, Professor of Leisure Studies, joined us to discuss how we’ve lost track of the “American Dream.”  Over the course of history, Americans have successfully battled to shorten our time spent at work and increase the time we had available for leisure. However, after the great depression things shifted. Can a look at history help us learn how to once again fight the good fight – not just for a better society but also to help our environment?

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JANUARY – WORK ~ 1/9/14

Ana Lisa Yoder, from the Philadelphia Foundation, and Eric Braxton, Executive Director of Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing discussed why nonprofits are ripe for leading the way to becoming 21st century workplaces. Not only does working flexibly mean nonprofits can attract and retain the best employees, it also helps employees make smarter decisions around how to use limited resources and achieve maximum impact.  Interested in learning more about how ThirdPath is helping nonprofits make this change?  Contact us – we’d love to get you involved.

FEBRUARY – LOVE ~ ~ 2/13/14

Hear from a variety of Shared Care couples including Lisa Levey and Marc Vachon – two authors who have written books about Shared Care. Learn how Shared Care comes in all different shapes and sizes, and how it’s good for you, your family and your organization. Listen to each couple’s answer to the “Valentine’s question” – How has Shared Care improved your relationship with each other?  (Click here for a full list of Shared Care Books.)

MARCH – PLAY ~ ~ ~ 3/13/14

Two experts, Asha Dornfest and Jim Higley helped us discover how simplifying our lives – reducing choices and the guilt of trying to do it it all – can open up more time for joy.  Hear Asha discuss how “course correction beats perfection.”  As you look for ways to create a more satisfying life, think of it as crossing a river from rock to rock. Take a step, look around, then take another step.   Learn from Jim’s stories of parenting his son – turning simple moments into opportunities for closeness or learning practical life lessons.  It turns out we can all gain from their advice – parents and nonparents alike.

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APRIL – WORK ~ 4/17/14

Brigid Schulte author of  ”Overwhelmed, Work Love and Play When No One Has the Time” joined us to discuss the growing sense of overwhelm many people are feeling in their lives , especially parents, due in part to increasing pressures at work and the culture of ‘being busy’ but also increasing standards of what it takes to be a ‘good’ parent. Learn how multiple forces – public policy, our workplaces, the actions we take in our own lives – can work in concert to create more satisfying lives for all.

MAY – LOVE ~ ~ 5/15/14

Skills for a lifetime! Psychologist and author Dr Sara Yogev discussed how helping couples to ‘get on the same page’ when caring for children can also help you plan for a happier retirement. We learned that crafting a life where paid work is only one dimension of what you do is an important step in planning for the transition to retirement. We also discovered that being more intentional with your time, and having these choices reflect your values, is a skill that you can make use of for a lifetime.

JUNE – PLAY ~ ~ ~ 6/12/14

Our 4th Annual Fathers Day Call – Why Families Benefit From the Active Involvement of Fathers.  Dr. Kyle Pruett will join us to talk about what fathers can do to prepare their marriages, their homes, and their emotions to meet their child’s needs.


(Click here to listen to last year’s calls where we examined Anne-Marie Slaughters article “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All.”)

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