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This year’s webinar theme: Work and Life – The “New Ideal Employee”

In a world that is going fast and faster, our desire to live an integrated life helps us develop a unique set of skills that benefit our own lives and the organizations we work for. ThirdPath would even argue, the “new ideal employee” is someone who is well skilled at integrating work and life. This year our Thursdays with ThirdPath season will explore these skills and learn from experts who can help us:

  • Think in new ways around how work gets done
  • Make sure people of all genders have plenty of time and energy to care for the people they love
  • Help leaders become role models and champions for work-life integration

Our free interactive live podcasts happen on the 2nd Thursday of every month from 1:00-2:00pm ET.
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OCTOBER – 10/20/22 (3rd Th)
The New Ideal Worker – Using Time Intentionally

We can work anywhere all the time, but is that what we want? Join experts Brigid Schulte and Kyra Cavanaugh as we explore the new book, Out of Office. Learn why Cultivating Self-discipline, Creating Quiet Time and Using Technology Strategically are all critical skills for the “new ideal employee.”

NOVEMBER – 11/10/22
The New Ideal Worker – Keeping an Eye on the Future

Thinking outside the box provides a wider array of options for integrating work and life. Authors Kate Mangino and Kristin Maschka join us to explore how families can work together to achieve this by applying two important work-life integration skills: Anticipating the Future; Planning and Re-prioritizing.

DECEMBER – Town Hall – 12/8/22
How Can Individuals & Organizations Reduce the Risk When Adopting an Integrated Approach?

Learn how Amy Beacom is promoting change for new parents and Alex Pang is helping organizations work smarter and work less. Whether it’s change for yourself, your team, or your workplace – three work-life integration skills are essential: Investing in Strong Relationships; Setting Boundaries; Taking Calculated Risks.

JANUARY – 1/12/23
The New Ideal Worker – Doing Care Differently

Care is Essential Labor, says Angela Garbes. Our communities and workplaces also benefit from greater diversity and gender equity. How can we weave together all three themes in one collective vision? Reimagine the work day and normalize that people of all ages and all genders are willing and capable of providing care across the life cycle.

FEBRUARY – 2/9/23
The New Ideal Worker – Doing Money Differently

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how to make your work and life integration solution affordable. Learn how Matt Becker helps young families create “life-centered” approaches to finances. Scott Behson will also share how progressive organizations are helping employees meet their work, life and financial goals.

MARCH – Town Hall – 3/9/23
How has Our Community Overcome the Obstacles Families Face When Adopting this Approach?

Couples can get stuck as they reach for their work-life integration goals, even though getting unstuck leads to happier relationships and better role models for the next generation. Join authors Eve Rodsky and B. Hibbs as we explore how to break unhelpful habits and achieve more joy.


APRIL – 4/13/23
The New Ideal Worker – Not a One Size Fits All Solution

Work-life integration goes hand-in-hand with creating more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces. Our 3 guests will show you how. Tonya Horton is the EVP of a fully remote workplace committed to diversity. Brian Anderson is the author of Fathering Together. We’ve also invited an expert on LGBTQ families.


MAY – 5/11/23
The New Ideal Worker – Becoming a Different Kind of Leader

Our unique and progressive community will explore the future of work and family at our 6th Biennial Leadership Summit. Participants gain cutting-edge ideas and a renewed commitment to creating workplaces that support work-life integration for all. This webinar will feature take-aways from our Summit experience.

JUNE – Town Hall – 6/15/23 (3rd Th.)
Annual Father’s Day Event – How Can We Help Everyone Better Manage Limited Time, Energy and Resources?

At the heart of promoting gender equity and family well-being is supporting fathers to overcome the unique obstacles men face when redesign work. Doing this also paves the way for their increased sharing of care at home. Hear from dads who have overcome the obstacles and become the dads they’ve always wanted to be.



You can access last season’s Thursday webinars here.


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Assist individuals, families and organizations in finding new ways to redesign work to create time for family, community and other life priorities. Develop a growing community of individuals, leaders and organizations to influence wider change - both within organizations and at the public policy level. Support a new mind-set where everyone can follow a "third path" - an integrated approach to work and life.

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