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Why it’s so hard for two parents to both have successful careers

Exploring the problem of work-first careers and their impact on couples, the article quotes Jessica DeGroot, “I think what organizations don’t understand is that they’re losing workers … (to businesses) that allow workers to be excellent at work while still having a life.”  Fast Company Magazine | September 2019


Do Parents Have to Choose Between Work and Caregiving?

We were honored to have 1MFWF ask us to write about how couples can work together to overcome the barriers they may face as they create a “team at home” and share in the care of their children. 1Million for Work | October 12 2017


The Working Mom’s Happy Handbook

This article offers sound advice for working moms, including the very first suggestion — share home responsibilities with your partner (check out the great quote from our friend Scott Behson). The author also describes some of the key integration practices we teach in our OMG! Overwhelm Mitigation Groups, where we help you learn how to find more time and energy for life. Learn more here. Parents Magazine | October 2016


Spotlight on… ThirdPath Institute.

ThirdPath is featured in 1MFWF Spotlight series highlighting organizations who are part of the growing movement for change around work flexibility. 1Million for Work | September 15 2016


Five Women Shaping the Future of Work: Jessica Degroot, ThirdPath Institute.

Jessica Degroot’s work moves beyond creating a sustainable environment for remote workers or clamping down on the gender pay gap, and focuses on a fundamental issue: having time for life. Blog by Anne Loehr | March 10 2016

Pioneers of the Better Way: 5 Women Blaze a Trail Toward the Future of Work

Jessica DeGroot is in good company on this list of “5 CEOs who embody the future of work.” The others include Sara Sutton Fell (founder of FlexJobs), Kate Kendall, Rhiannon Ruff, Maria Simon-Senior. Blog by Anne Loehr | December 16 2015

Stop Blaming Dads for Not Doing Enough Childcare

Jessica DeGroot was asked to write an opinion piece for about the Pew Research Center’s recent report on dual-breadwinner households. | November 23 2015

Lotte Bailyn: Thought Leader Interview

In this interview, Lotte Bailyn is recognized for the critical role she has played in changing the work/life integration landscape. Lotte also praises ThirdPath Institute and Jessica DeGroot, saying Jessica, “Started with the concept of “shared care” … She’s since expanded to work with organizations that want to help people live what she calls integrated lives (the “third path”).” Strategy+Business | August 10 2015

Have a Hard time Getting Away From Work? Here’s How to Make Sure Your Vacation Actually Feels Like One

This Q&A with Jessica DeGroot about the importance of turning off work while on vacation,shows how doing this benefits you, your family and your organization. The Washington Post | June 8 2015

Navigating Tradeoffs in Dual Career Marriages

Jessica DeGroot shares three important lessons ThirdPath has learned from working with couples who have moved ahead in their careers while sharing in the care of their children. Harvard Business Review | April 14 2015

How to Decide Who Should Take Parental Leave?

71% of Millennials are between the ages of 20 and 34. Jessica DeGroot and Paul Gilbride (ThirdPath Integrated Life Advocate) discusse the out-of-the-box solutions this new generation of parents will likely consider. | January 22 2015

When Men Take Off Time for Their Family

Jessica DeGroot applauds the growing group of male leaders who are role modeling a more balanced approach at work and life. | January 15 2015

‘We’re Winging It’: The Unpredictable Role of Dad Caring for Dad

Two Thursdays with ThirdPath participants – Doug Gertner, and Kevin O’Shea (Kevin is also a ThirdPath board member) – were interviewed about their experiences as sandwich generation dads. | December 16 2014

VIDEO: Requesting Telecommuting, Part Time and Flexible Arrangements from Your Employer

Emma Plumb interviews Jessica DeGroot and Paul Rupert, capturing their expert advice on how to negotiate a flexible schedule at work. 1 Million for Flex | October 24 2014

A Third Way to Work Life Balance

Jessica DeGroot is interviewed about ThirdPath’s cutting-edge work helping men and women – as parents and leaders – follow an integrated approach to work and life. WorkingMums Magazine | September 8 2014

The Daddy Juggle: Work, Life, Family and Chaos

Jessica DeGroot, Roger Trombley a ThirdPath community member who met President Obama(!), and Fred Bermont a second generation Shared Care dad, talk about the changing roles of men, women, work and family. Wall Street Journal | June 12 2014

It’s High Time for the 4-Day Workweek

This article describes the benefits of a four-day work week. Jessica DeGroot is then interviewed about the barriers that get in the way of more workplaces offering this solution. | August 29 2013

Rise of the Alpha Dad: Men Get Serious About Work Life Balance

This cover story article explores the barriers men face striving for wok-life balance and highlights two dads who are ThirdPath community members. Jessica DeGroot is also quoted about the negative influence of our outdated career norms.
Bloomberg Businessweek | May 30 2013

Shared Parenting: Why Modern Families are Choosing Equality

ThirdPath and our good friends Amy and Marc Vachon talk about Shared Care. As Jessica DeGroot points out: “There really is no limit to who could redesign his or her work to accommodate family needs.” Parent Map | May 21 2012

When Mom and Dad Share it All

This New York Times Sunday Magazine cover story article became an instant internet sensation and featured Jessica DeGroot, ThirdPath Institute and a number of other Shared Care parents. (Two then went on to write books about Shared Care – Equally Shared Parenting and The Libra Solution.)
Sunday New York Times Magazine | June 15 2008

Family Values

Jessica DeGroot and ThirdPath Institute are the focus of this exciting cover story article which put the spotlight on the launch of ThirdPath Institute and four Shared Care families.
Fast Company | December 2000

Our Mission

Assist individuals, families and organizations in finding new ways to redesign work to create time for family, community and other life priorities. Develop a growing community of individuals, leaders and organizations to influence wider change - both within organizations and at the public policy level. Support a new mind-set where everyone can follow a "third path" - an integrated approach to work and life.

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