Celebrating our Diversity

February 2020 Email

We explore the similarities and differences experienced around work-family issues between sub-groups in America.

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Has Work Become our New Calling?

January 2020 Email

When work takes over your life, you might miss out on important moments in life that you can never get back.

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Creating Time for Life in an Unsupportive Workplace

December 2019 Email

Globally, working parents are reluctant to take advantage of workplace flexibility for fear of negative career impact.

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20 Years of Supporting Parents to Share Care

October 2019 Email

We have learned some important truths along the way about supporting parents on their journey.

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Redesigning Work, Family and Leadership? Yes We Can!

September 2019 Email

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we look back at ThirdPath’s accomplishments and the work that lies ahead.

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We Did It…What an Amazing Season, Part 2!

August, 2019 Email

We complete our re-cap of the 2018-19 Thursdays with ThirdPath webinars.

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We Did It…What an Amazing Season!

July, 2019 Email

A re-cap of the first half of the 2018-19 Thursdays with ThirdPath webinars.

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Jessica’s Difficult and Important Lesson

June, 2019 Email

Jessica shares a personal note about the importance of Hopefulness.

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Helping Parents Learn How To Share The Mental Load

May, 2019 Email

Is it possible for parents to share the family “To Do List”? – Absolutely!

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Push Back At Overwork

April, 2019 Email

Feeling overworked? Here’s a must-read resource.

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The Time Is Now For Supportive Public Policy

March, 2019 Email

The US is severely behind other countries in creating supportive public policies for today’s modern family.

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Some Very Exciting News!

February, 2019 Email

Exciting news as we get ready for our 20th anniversary!

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A World-Wide Movement For Change

January, 2019 Email

Across the globe there is a growing group of leaders doing work-life differently!

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The Way We Are Working Is Killing Us!

November, 2018 Email

The workplace has become “shockingly inhumane” for everyone!

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Making Flex an Option for ALL!

October, 2018 Email

It’s time to make the impossible…possible!

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Family Well-Being AND Gender Equality – Yes We Can!

September, 2018 Email

This year we’re exploring how to make the impossible…possible!

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What an Amazing Season – Part Two!

August, 2018 Email

This year we looked at why integration across the life cycle is possible…and sometimes challenging.

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Integration Across the Life Cycle – We nailed it!

July, 2018 Email

All year long we looked at why an integrated approach to work and life was possible.

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Doing Work, Family & Career Differently

June, 2018 Email

The world is changing! Supporting dads to make change happen

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The Truth About Late Career.

May, 2018 Email

My children are all grown up so isn’t caregiving behind me now?

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Money Is Important…But So Is Time!

April, 2018 Email

How to better balance what can feel like the competing needs of earning an income and caring for your family.

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Can We Help You Create a “Team at Home”?

March, 2018 Email

Little did I know creating a “team at home” would make life so fun!

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Negotiating Win-Win Solutions

February, 2018 Email

We are here to help you create your own unique solution!

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Maxed Out and Not Going to Take it Anymore!

January, 2018 Email

If we want families well cared for and we want gender equality…

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Too Much Work, Is Too Much Work!

December, 2017 Email

How to push back at the problem of work overwhelm?

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Take A Break!

November, 2017 Email

Your work will still be there later.

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Work, Family And Leadership

October, 2017 Email

Were changing how we do work, family and leadership

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New Season of Thursdays with ThirdPath

September, 2017 Email

Highlights from last years amazing webinar series.

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The Best Father’s Day Gift!

June, 2017 Email

Men and Women fighting for change.

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OMG – What An Amazing Day!

May, 2017 Email

Read this and be inspired why change is possible!

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The ‘Dual Agenda’

April, 2017 Email

The “dual agenda” – means combining work effectiveness AND creating time for life.

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Its Time For The Weekend. What Do You Have Planned?

March, 2017 Email

Be inspired to craft a ‘whole life’ – one that includes time for work, love and play!

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How Does Money Influence Our Work Life Balance?

February, 2017 Email

Money influences our work life balance in every way! But we don’t often talk about it

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I Pledge To Keep Fighting!

January, 2017 Email

ThirdPath is committed to keep fighting for a world where everyone has time for work, AND family, community, and other life passions.

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Revolutionaries: Supporting Great Work & Whole Lives

December, 2016 Email

Millennials aren’t the only ones helping advance ThirdPath’s mission…so are you!

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Here’s Why Millennials Are Helping Us Make Change

November, 2016 Email

Read on to learn how Millennials are helping advance ThirdPath’s mission.

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Millennials Are Joining Our Movement For Change!

October, 2016 Email

Did you know two thirds of millennial men want to share in caregiving responsibilities at home.

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Exciting Opportunity – Spread The Word

August, 2016 Email

A quick recap of some of the exciting conversations we had this past year plus details of a new job opportunity at ThirdPath!

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Unfinished Business – Women, Men, Work & Family

June, 2016 Email

Anne-Marie Slaughter joins us for our annual Father’s Day webinar to discuss her ground breaking book.

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Rewarding Work And Time To Care For Loved Ones

May, 2016 Email

All year long we have been looking at the “courageous conversations” we need to have – both at work and at home – to put Anne-Marie Slaughter’s ideas into action!

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Stop! Take A Break!

April, 2016 Email

You’ll work smarter and live healthier!

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Navigating Love, Family and Two Careers

March, 2016 Email

Don’t get us wrong – we know it’s challenging – but over the last 15 years we’ve also learned there is a new paradigm – at work and home – that makes “integrated careers” more possible.

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This Valentine’s Day

February, 2016 Email

Slowing down for relationships is good for us and for society!

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Some Ideas To Try in 2016

January, 2016 Email

Need some added inspiration to achieve your goals in 2016?

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15 Years of Doing Family Differently!

December, 2015 Email

Keep the celebration going!

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ThirdPath’s 15th Anniversary!

November, 2015 Email

We’ve got a lot to celebrate!

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Together We Can Shape The Future

October, 2015 Email

We’ve got another exciting year of Thursdays with ThirdPath webinars that are all about fostering change

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This Fathers Day – A Lot To Celebrate

June, 2015 Email

Here’s what we learned from this year’s Pioneering Leaders Summit

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April Showers – Sprout Seeds of Change

May, 2015 Email

Is it possible to have 2 careers without sacrificing your relationship or values?

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Everybody Wins!

Families, Workplaces, Society, You

April, 2015 Email

Whether you read the research, talk to our pioneering leaders, or listen to the growing dad community – everyone wins when flex becomes the new normal.

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Can You Feel It?

March, 2015 Email

Something really big is shifting and it looks like the US might actually be one of the leaders of this movement for change.

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Creating Time For The Ones We Love

February, 2015 Email

How slowing down is good for relationships…and for business!

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Creating Well Being For All

January, 2015 Email

The answer, we would argue, is keeping track of all the different pieces of the puzzle at the same time…

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Flex Across the LifeCycle

December, 2014 Email

During an interview last week I was asked about the similarities and differences families face when caring for children and caring for aging loved ones … 

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Getting Closer To The Truth

November, 2014 Email

A fantastic article by Gwynn Guilford about the economics of parental leave

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The “New Normal” – Flex For All

October, 2014 Email

October is National Work and Family month and ThirdPath launches a new season of Thursdays with ThirdPath

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Look How Far We Have Traveled…

June, 2014 Email

Seven years ago we wrote our first official Father’s Day email

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Let’s Get Happy…

May, 2014 Email

Turns out building a ‘team at home’ early in your relationship helps with life transitions later

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The Personal and The Political

April, 2014 Email

What if both men and women worked smart , more flexible schedules?

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The Secret to Work, Love and Play

March, 2014 Email

I was recently speaking with some of the amazing leaders I work with…..

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Its February…Lets Celebrate Love!

February, 2014 Email

One of our favorite activities here at ThirdPath Institute is helping couples “get on the same page” around their work and family goals.

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Overwhelmed? No Time for Love and Play

December, 2013 Email

There is something we can do about it.

Lets reignite the American dream – the pursuit of happiness.

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Together We Can Shape the Future

November, 2013 Email

Let us continue to fight the good fight for flexible organizations and supportive public policy.

But there is a revolution men AND women can start at home.

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Chronic Overwork is Killing Us

October, 2013 Email

Ask any professional and they will likely agree that work is spilling into their non-work hours more than they’d like.

Then take a look at the research and you’ll see how this is negatively impacting all of our lives.

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

September, 2013 Email

There is something we can do about it!

Starting in October, combating overwhelm is the theme for this year’s Thursdays with ThirdPath calls.

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We Still Have A Long Way To Go

August, 2013 Email

Ten years later….and we still have a long way to go!

The recent New York Times cover story by Judith WarnerThe Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In – once again demonstrates – we still have a long way to go to solve the work-family dilemma.

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Redefining Fatherhood

June, 2013 Email

Want a powerful way to change the work/life discussion? Include men!

On Thursday May 30th we had our first ever Pioneering Leaders Summit. All day long the room buzzed with conversation. Even during breaks people were reluctant to leave (or even check their cell phones!).

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Happiness and Innovation are Linked: Learn How!

May, 2013 Email

What does innovation have to do with the pursuit of happiness? Everything!

This month and last we have been examining two of Anne Marie Slaughter’s mandates for change, “the pursuit of happiness” and “becoming an innovation nation

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Men, Women and The Pursuit of Happiness

April, 2013 Email

Yes we want to do a great job at work, but isn’t there more to life than work?

This year we’ve been focussing on how work can be redesigned for men, women and leaders. Now its time to look at why this approach is so important.

Even though some organizations think its about our “occasional need to be home for the cable guy” – we know its this and much, much more.

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Three Steps Forward….Two Steps Back!

March, 2013 Email

Choose your path, old rules or new rules …

Recently Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, announced she was putting a moratorium on working remotely.

Prior to this, Sheryl Sandburg COO of Facebook, and author of the soon to be released book “Lean In” explained that in order for women to succeed at work, instead of “pulling back” in their careers women should “lean in.”

Instead of “leaning into” the old rules … don’t we want to create organizations where both men and women can follow new rules?.

Given all the recent press on the “old rules” we thought it was important to remind ourselves why things can be done differently. This year we’ve been examining the 5 mandates for change Anne-Marie Slaughter outlined in her Atlantic article. To improve on the mandates we added “men and women” to each one.

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I’ve Seen the Future and It Could Look Great!

February, 2013 Email

I was blessed by two different, but two intimately connected experiences the last two weeks…

Friday, I attended a wonderful Dad 2.0 conference and listened as one father after another dismantled outdated myths about fatherhood. Whether planned or unexpected (from a job loss or divorce) these fathers were all forging new paths around being a Dad.

Stay-at-home dads, flexing dads, and dads who wore 3 hats (father + full time employee + blogger) – each had taken risks and all were generously sharing the bounty of lessons learned.

Some spoke of bosses who denied them the right to take time off for a sick child. Others tried to negotiate a flexible schedule, only to be turned down. All joked of being referred to as “the baby sitter” instead of the competent dad in charge.

These men were pushing the boundaries for the next generation – just like the week before when I listened to the men on my Pioneering Leaders call re-write outdated scripts around the road to leadership.

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Are We Willing to Trade Profit for Greater Life Satisfaction?

January, 2013 Email

If there is one Thursday call you should not miss, it’s the call we are having next week.

Three very inspirational leaders will be joining us.  Each one has founded, or is part of the senior leadership team, of organizations that support an integrated approach to work and life from top to bottom.

It’s no coincidence they are small business owners.  ThirdPath has seen that this is where innovation around these issues is transpiring most rapidly.

It’s also no coincidence that they learned a lot from trying to “walk the talk” themselves.  Being an “integrated leader” – a leader who has been successful at work while also carving out time for their lives outside of work – isn’t easy.  Got an hour?  Call me and I’ll share some stories!

But what you might not have thought about … is how the different approach these leaders are modeling is also linked to managing a “reasonable” bottom line.  Instead of creating organizations that rely on extreme performance goals to succeed, these leaders are following a very different path.

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Wow! Thank You Peter Senge

December, 2012 Email

If you weren’t able to join us for the November 29th Thursday with Thirdpath call featuring Peter Senge …

In the second half of our newsletter we included some questions and answers:

Question: Creating a vision requires stepping out of the madness and finding a moment for contemplation. Instead people get stuck in “fast forward” mode. What can people do?

More then time, what is needed is giving yourself permission to create the space to do this. It also helps to have others who are willing to think with you, and to encourage you to focus on what’s important as opposed to what’s secondary. In our over stimulated world we can begin to think we don’t have enough time. But actually we have the same 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and how ever many years we are going to live. That hasn’t changed a bit. What has changed is the mental model and the choices of how we spend our time. Once you realize this, you can make the necessary choices to create a different kind of space – a quiet space. It doesn’t matter if it’s running or yoga, just so long as it isn’t something “externally stimulating” like watching TV or surfing the web. There is nothing wrong with these activities. But in our over stimulated environments we never have enough time. What’s required is a shift in mindset.

Question: I get pulled into meaningless meetings. I negotiated a four day work week, but was told to keep it quiet. How do you live with this greater sense of meaning when faced with a work culture that is so different?

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Taming the Four Headed Snake

November, 2012 Email

During the next few Thursdays with ThirdPath calls we will be examining Anne-Marie Slaughter’s mandate: Redefining the Arc of a Successful Career.

We will show why making change around this mandate is like taming a 4 headed snake – its possible, but if you aren’t careful, you might just get bitten by one of the other heads!

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Creating Thriving Organizations,Relationships & Families

October, 2012 Email

What is the best way to approach our work so we have thriving organizations as well as strong relationships, families and communities?

We believe the 5 mandates outlined in Ann-Marie Slaughter’s article can shed light on this question. We also noticed that when we added the words ‘men and women’ to the front of each mandate, it looked surprisingly familiar!

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Can Women “Have it All”?

June, 2012 Email

Once again there is a raging debate about whether women can “have it all” …

Not surprisingly this issue also lies at the heart of our work at ThirdPath Institute.

This latest round of debate was spurred by an article written by Anne-Marie Slaughter, a Princeton professor who recently left a job at the State Department. While reflecting on her article, it dawned on us that there was a simple but profound way to reframe her excellent suggestions that may help find a more unifying agenda.

It also created a wonderful list of mandates – mandates that are central to the work we do at ThirdPath.

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In Honor of Father’s Day

May, 2012 Email

Let’s examine an often overlooked topic…

How do high pay long hour jobs impact men?

Lisa D’Annolfo Levey recently posted on, “Despite the full-scale entry of women into the workforce over the last several decades, many families continue to favor the “primary career” model. The dominant thinking is someone—usually the woman—needs to be the flexible one, able to manage the unpredictable needs of the children, while the other partner—typically the man—becomes more career focused.”

We know how this negatively impacts women. But it turns out it also isn’t such a good thing for men.

Some men are happy with high pay long hour jobs, others feel weighed down. As Lisa describes, these “high octane jobs characterized by long hours, constant accessibility, few limits, and outsized rewards” can end up making men feel boxed into the primary provider role in families.

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Work Redesign – Making Time for Family

April, 2012 Email

Work can be done differently … and men, women, children AND organizations benefit from these changes

Male or female, young or old, entry level or executive, we hope our Thursday with ThirdPath calls continue to demonstrate that there’s a win-win work redesign solution for every job – a flexible solution that is both good for you and good for your employer.

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Take A Vacation – Recharge Your Batteries

March, 2012 Email

The many benefits of taking a vacation …

Pack your bags. It’s time to recharge your batteries!

For those who have been able to truly disengage from work while on vacation, you know the benefits can be quite significant – both for you and your workplace.

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Balancing Work, Family and the Teen Years

February, 2012 Email

Meeting the needs of teens and our goals for gender equity …

Thursday February 16th at 12:30pm ET Inga Dóra Sigfúsdóttir, a professor at Reykjavik University, will share her research demonstrating how increased parental involvement reduces teen substance abuse even in progressive countries like Iceland.

Professor Sigfúsdóttir’s research shows us that sometimes the most important ingredient for teens is just having a parent home and available as needed. But how do we do this without reinforcing gender norms – both at work and at home? Once again, Shared Care families help us shed light on this important issue. And as you read today’s newsletter, you’ll see they didn’t wait until their children were teens to put these practices in place.

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Whole Life Leaders – Leading the Way to Change

December 2011 Email

We’ve created a community of trailblazers just for you …

For 12 years we’ve been creating a community of men, women and leaders who are blazing new paths. These trailblazers include dads and moms who are sharing in the care of their children, Whole Life Leaders who are succeeding at work while forging integrated career paths and entrepreneurs who are creating a blue print for 21st Century workplaces.

These pioneering men, women and Whole Life Leaders are showing us why an integrated approach to work and life isn’t just good for families, it’s also good for businesses and good for our communities.

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Our Mission

Assist individuals, families and organizations in finding new ways to redesign work to create time for family, community and other life priorities. Develop a growing community of individuals, leaders and organizations to influence wider change - both within organizations and at the public policy level. Support a new mind-set where everyone can follow a "third path" - an integrated approach to work and life.

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