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We’ve developed multiple ways to share our cutting edge knowledge with interested individuals and professionals.

Integrated Life Advocate Groups (ILA)
Our ILA learning groups provide individuals and professionals who believe in this new approach a great way to connect and support each other to create even more change.  Participants learn about work redesign and integrated leadership so they can help themselves or the people they work with develop a win-win approach to work and life. We also look at family redesign and how it plays a critical role in promoting wider change at the individual and organizational level.

Integrated Life Advocate (ILA) Forum
Every two years, ThirdPath’s Integrated Life Advocate community will gather in Philadelphia to learn and share knowledge around the three cornerstones of the “Whole System Approach to Change” – Work Redesign, Leadership Redesign, and Family Redesign. Participants take an active role in learning and sharing through paired listening, small group interactions, and large group discussions.

Want to learn more?
Would you like to learn more about ThirdPath from someone who is already involved in our work? We’d love to arrange a “meet and greet” where you can get your questions answered and hear more about the many cutting edge ways you can get involved in the ThirdPath community. Contact us and put “meet and greet” in the subject heading. We’ll then email you back to set up a phone call with one of our ThirdPath community members.


Our Mission

Assist individuals, families and organizations in finding new ways to redesign work to create time for family, community and other life priorities. Develop a growing community of individuals, leaders and organizations to influence wider change - both within organizations and at the public policy level. Support a new mind-set where everyone can follow a "third path" - an integrated approach to work and life.

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