Elaine Chaney

December 8, 2011admin

Elaine is one of many Integrated Life Advocates who contacted ThirdPath Institute after we were featured as the cover story in FastCompany magazine. Today, she is a member of our ILA Advisory board, trained in ThirdPath couples’ coaching, and a primary consultant in the work we do supporting leaders to live and model more integrated lives.

Elaine is an organization consultant who provides facilitation, strategic planning, and change consulting to non-profits. She is also an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach specializing in working with individuals and groups who want to make positive changes in their life. Her interest in work-life balance began with her personal experiences as a wife and mother. When her son was in pre-school, Elaine left what she calls “the real world” and started her own business. Throughout the K-12 years she and her husband coordinated their schedules to both work and share taking care of their son after school.

Elaine works with ThirdPath in many different ways. She coaches couples interested in learning more about Shared Care and other work/family models. She has helped run the Whole Life Leader groups for male and female leaders interested in living more integrated lives. She serves on ThirdPath consulting projects supporting 21st Century workplaces. Elaine also participates in a peer support group where she and two other ThirdPath ILAs talk once a week to support each other around their personal and professional goals.

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