Dottie Lamm

December 8, 2011admin

Dottie’s long-term interest in gender equity and supporting fathers to play an active role in parenting has made her an active and enthusiastic member of the ThirdPath community. Whether it is writing about these issues in the Denver Post, or introducing ThirdPath to progressive Denver leaders and families, Dottie exemplifies the bridge building that can happen between ILAs, ThirdPath and the wider community.

Dottie is the author of Daddy on Board: Parenting Roles for the 21st Century. She is trained as a psychiatric social worker, but has spent most of her life as a columnist for the Denver Post and a political activist for women and families. As first lady of Colorado (1975-1987), she held seminars in the Governor’s Mansion for businesses who were interested in setting up onsite childcare. Raising children in a political family made her uniquely aware of the conflicts parents might face when dividing work time and family time. Many of her Denver Post articles continue to deal with that challenge. She is particularly proud of the fact that she and her husband had family dinners together with the children at least four nights a week, even in the midst of politics. Now a grandmother of four, she is inspired as she watches her children and their spouses carve new paths as they negotiate parenting roles.

At ThirdPath, Dottie is a member of a ThirdPath ILA learning group, and often writes and speaks publicly about the issues that come up on the calls. She also connects ThirdPath to Denver business leaders and lawyers that have an interest in work-life integration. Dottie recently wrote about a meeting she arranged between ThirdPath and the Colorado Bar Association’s Committee for Balanced Legal Careers in a her Denver Post column, “For Attorneys, Balancing Work and Life.”

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