As part of our Thursdays with ThirdPath series – we interview a variety of experts on how and why we need to make integrated work-life solutions available to everyone across the economic spectrum. Below are the audio tapes of these informative discussions – listen and be inspired.

Inga Dora Sigfúsdóttir – how increased parental involvement reduced teen substance abuse in Iceland and beyond.
Listen to Joan Williams and Nina Madoo.

Joan C. Williams – author of Reshaping the Work Family Debate: Why Men and Class Matter.

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Assist individuals, families and organizations in finding new ways to redesign work to create time for family, community and other life priorities. Develop a growing community of individuals, leaders and organizations to influence wider change - both within organizations and at the public policy level. Support a new mind-set where everyone can follow a "third path" - an integrated approach to work and life.

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