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Read about pioneering men and women – as parents and leaders – who have redesigned work to create more time for life. Discover how change is possible.

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Thursdays With ThirdPath

Join our free monthly webinars to hear from individuals and experts showing us new paths to work-life integration. Also available as free iTunes Podcast.

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Pioneering Leaders Summit

On May 3rd 2017, ThirdPath’s community of male and female leaders who have followed an integrated approach to work and life will convene in Philadelphia!

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Take a look at the latest press about ThirdPath and Jessica DeGroot. Discover the cutting edge work we do around work redesign, family and leadership!

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To learn how you can create more time for life for any reason – click here. Or take a look at our unique resources and start making change today!

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Our Mission

Assist individuals, families and organizations in finding new ways to redesign work to create time for family, community and other life priorities. Develop a growing community of individuals, leaders and organizations to influence wider change - both within organizations and at the public policy level. Support a new mind-set where everyone can follow a "third path" - an integrated approach to work and life.

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